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Social Media Marketing – More Than a Trend

Social media is – and always will be – a big deal. With a reported 4.62 billion people using at least one social media account as of January 2022, it remains an unconquered expanse for both B2C and B2B marketing.

With this though, it can be quite overwhelming. With such a plethora of platforms all requiring acutely different strategies, it’s easy not to know the best place to start. Here at ICAAL, we have creative, certified social media experts here to navigate you and your business across the open water.

We are proficient at running successful campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whatever your priorities on social media and whatever your value proposition, we’ll have the right campaign for the right channel so you can maximise your business’ potential.

Social Media Marketing

The Benefits

Social media marketing provides a wide scope of benefits. Above all else, it is an outstanding way of generating leads by driving more traffic to your website through both organic and paid posts.

We have contacts at Facebook and are regularly in correspondence with them in order to set up the most effective paid ad campaigns on their platform.

With more and more sales completed remotely and virtually as opposed to be in-person, social media marketing is now a proven and essential method of helping convert these hot leads from interested parties.

An active social media profile is also an excellent way of instilling brand confidence. You can build a strong relationship with prospective customers asking questions and engage with those reviewing your services online.

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