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As a brand that has become synonymous with innovation and sustainability, the Liniar product range revolves around pioneering research, development and design to constantly meet and surpass the demands of the modern homeowner. In a recent venture to renovate their website, Liniar appointed the services of ICAAL; a creative digital marketing agency based in Southampton.

With a wealth of knowledge in the industry and a full-service approach at their disposal, ICAAL were able to offer Liniar bespoke WordPress development, as well as a custom-built CMS (Content Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). This proved to the be the ideal solution for the UK’s leading uPVC profile manufacturer, allowing them to secure a tailored build in a professional and approachable way.

This website was created based on Liniar’s specifications, ensuring the Liniar ethos was captured perfectly across the board. This meant that ICAAL were able to collaborate with Liniar to deliver a site that was both on-brand and fully responsive, including a range of key features: Mobile responsiveness, a custom media suite, sector functionality, detailed technical product information, 3D computer-generated images, conversion focus and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Liniar’s website was also designed to be editable by their in-house team, with the integrated CMS and CRM giving them full control over the content on-site. This ensures Liniar were able to bring a personal touch to their website build without missing out on the benefits of mobile compatibility and targeted keyword placement, put in place to secure high rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) by ICAAL.

Working to the knowledge that the homepage is a highly effective landing page, ICAAL ensured that Liniar’s homepage was divided into relevant sectors to ensure users could navigate the site and find specific product information quickly and easily. This complements the fact that each product page features 3D computer-generated images that comprise a hover display, detailing their unique selling points in a ‘hotspot’ process for easy accessibility.

Sue Davenport, Liniar’s Marketing Director, explains why they chose ICAAL for their new website build:

“We chose to work with ICAAL as they had a great track record, a huge amount of windows industry knowledge and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation. In addition ICAAL offered the flexibility to help us bring our own page designs to life, which ensures the website has the exact look and feel we wanted to achieve.”

Need Marketing? Think ICAAL.

Interested in growing your business? Revamping your brand? Investing in a new website? Helping your current one to rank better? Get in touch with ICAAL today by calling 023 8033 2675, or by emailing info@icaal.co.uk. A member of their specialist team will be able to consult you on your best move forward.

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