The Key to Writing Better Content For Social Media Campaigns

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It’s all too easy to overlook words when you plan a social media campaign.

The intricacies of creating video content, putting together a complementary series of images and ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd can often take control of a social strategy, leaving those all-important captions and stories a little lost. But it shouldn’t be that way.

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Did you know a brand’s tone of voice is one of its most recognisable features? It’s up there with logos, colourways and design in terms of importance. And yet many brands don’t give their tone of voice the gravitas that it really deserves. It’s time to change that.

Make sure your next social media campaign comes complete with a powerful voice that grabs the attention of your followers.

It’s simple, when you know how.

Look at what you’re doing already

Sometimes marketing professionals might think that their brand has a specific personality and identity that already works. But even so, it’s always worth taking the time to audit what you’ve been doing previously, to ensure that this tone of voice is really shining through in every social update you post.

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Look through previous campaigns and analyse the most successful posts, in terms of engagement. Then, look at the tone of voice of the captions of these images. Think about the style of writing that works for your company, and examine the less successful posts to see if you can narrow down the copy that doesn’t appeal to your audience.

Focus on the benefits of your product

It’s often said that consumers are looking for products that enable them to become better versions of themselves. And that’s why companies need to talk less about the products they offer, and more about what those products can do for those who purchase them.

Make sure your copy focuses on the benefits of your products, and speaks less about your brand and more about how you can help your customers.

Speak to your customers directly, and tell them why they need your product.

Think about your customers

There are endless ways to craft engaging copy for social campaigns, and there’s no one size fits all way to do it. However, the best performing campaigns are those that have been written with their target audience in mind, with copy designed to speak to those people in the way that they want to be spoken to.

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To ensure your social campaign gets the attention it deserves, take the time to analyse top performing brands in your space, and look into how they write their content.

Think about the tone of voice that appeals to your target demographic, and let that style lead your writing process. Don’t forget to inject a little of your brand’s own distinctive personality as you do it.

Develop your tone of voice

If you’ve followed the above steps, you’ll already be well on your way to creating a recognisable tone of voice that consumers will take notice of. Once you know how to speak to your target demographic, and the styles of written content that potential purchasers like, you can take that information and narrow down a personality for your brand.

Think about how your brand should speak, and come up with an outline of phrases that it would or would not use.

Use this to guide your team and work towards a consistent tone of voice that you can carry through all of your social media campaigns, as well as other marketing campaigns that you’re running.

For inspiration, look at big brands like Apple, Innocent and Slack.

The content that you share on social media has the potential to really transform things for your business, powering engagement, sales and ultimately growth. So, it pays to ensure that every word you share on
your social channels is in line with your brand’s identity.

Develop a tone of voice that gives your brand that all-important personality, and use that personality to speak to consumers in a human like way that gains their trust. Before long your brand will have a voice. Only then will you see what that voice can do.

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