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Arkay Windows

Stunning New Lead Generation & Media Tools for the Innovative Arkay Windows, based in London.

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A Website Refresh

ICAAL were approached by existing SEO client Arkay Windows in the latter part of 2018 with plans to renovate their existing website into one built for the future. Over the duration of the project, ICAAL created a bespoke media centre, lead-generating quoting engine and cutting-edge installer network to make Arkay the industry example for home improvement manufacturers.

Before all of this, ICAAL redesigned Arkay Windows’ product pages, with the intention of creating something which encapsulated their ethos while also enhancing the customer experience. Each page features technical breakdowns of Arkay’s innovative aluminium products, as well as exquisite hero images to engage the user’s attention for longer, improving the time spent on each page and thus aiding the overall SEO.

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Key Features

Bespoke Page Design to Suit Customer’s Tastes

  Accurate Product Specifications

  Integrated SEO-Friendly Content

  Embedded Bespoke Virtual Reality Tour

  Quick Loading Times and Suitable for All Devices

  On-Page CTA’s to Drive Sales

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Lead Generation Tools

As part of the project with Arkay Windows, ICAAL integrated brand new lead generation tools within the existing website. Our bespoke quoting engine captures essential information, while instantly notifying Arkay Windows of a new enquiry. This allows Arkay to offer accurate prices and book a consolation or survey for the new windows, doors or roof system.

For Arkay themselves, this new lead generation software can be easily managed through their lead management dashboard, allowing them to effectively keep on top of quotes and respond to homeowners and trades companies quicker and with ease. They can also filter these leads onto customers who have become part of the new Approved Installer Network.

Bespoke Installer Network

The third stage of Arkay Windows’ latest project with ICAAL was to create a tailored Approved Installer Network. The goal was to revolutionise how both customers and Arkay themselves dealt with home improvement companies who had begun installing their stunning range of aluminium products up and down the UK.

As part of this project, ICAAL were commissioned to design the entire layout of the bespoke Installer Network. This included the complete logo design and branding, which was handled by ICAAL’s skilled in-house team of Graphic Designers. They regularly liaised with Arkay to ensure that the new logo for the Installer Network adhered to their brand guidelines.

The new network benefits both homeowner and trade, with the company being able to access unique marketing content while also having leads filtered through to them when customers look for quotes within a specific geographic area on Arkay’s site. Each installer now has their own unique subsite within Arkay’s network, which homeowners can find and use to approach the business.

This will drive traffic through to that company, which would filter through to Arkay as a result, seeing both parties benefit from the Approved Installer Network. Members also get the opportunity to see Arkay Windows’ Approved Installer brochure, which was designed bespoke by ICAAL’s Graphic Design team as part of this unique project.

Arkay Windows’ New VR Tour

Brand New Media Centre

The final stage of Arkay Windows’ website refresh was to create a brand new media centre that Approved Installers would be able to access. With this, they have a comprehensive array of media at their fingertips. Approved Installers can choose between product and installation photos, accreditation logos, technical guides, videos and much more, for use throughout their own website.

Not only does this improve the look of the customers’ sites, but it also ensures that Arkay’s unique products are being corrected represented. Approved Installers will be able to navigate the media centre with total ease, thanks to fast loading times and impressive usability. All the media can be filtered into specific categories to further speed up navigation while downloaded media is neatly stored in a ZIP file to remove the hassle of downloading multiple items.

If you’re interested in working with ICAAL to create something similar for your business, then get in touch with us using the contact details below. We offer bespoke website development services, full branding and market leading SEO services specifically designed to improve your business’ performance in the search engine result pages.

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