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7 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Important To Your Business

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“First impressions matter”. If you’re just starting to build your company brand, then you will find this saying more than relatable.

Gaining the trust of your prospective customers and keeping the trust of your current clients, can mean the life or death of your business.

When it comes to building a reputable brand, image matters. Powerful graphic design can give your company credibility, likeability and sends a message of professionalism. It builds trust.

This is why it is so important to invest in high-quality graphic design.

Need another reason? I’ll give you 7 more…

1. Brand Recognition

1.Graphic Design

Brand recognition is the extent to which consumers can identify your brand from its visual images and products.

This is not to get confused with brand awareness.

When consumers recall information about your brand, this is called brand awareness. Slightly further up the ladder of brand success.

To break it down, your company’s brand image all starts with a fantastic logo. (Brand recognition).

Your logo design needs to be created with your target audience in mind as well as representing your company in an attractive and professional way.

It will also have to work across a range of print and digital media including business cards, brochures and websites.

To do this, you will need an exceptional graphic design.

2. Graphic Design Gets Results

Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t just about making things appear prettier, it’s also about conversion.

A professional graphic design can entice and persuade consumers to take action, whether that’s through a well-crafted brochure, leaflet or website.

When you want to get results, clear communication is key.

Graphic Design Southampton

3. Brand Consistency

Graphic Design

To develop and maintain a recognisable brand, you will need a design which is consistent with the views and perception of your company.

Fonts, colours and placement of images need to be carefully considered. You need to ensure that your visual branding is clear and consistent when applied across all communication channels.

A great graphic design will give your stationary, web pages, uniforms and publications a recognisable brand image.

This is especially important for small companies which have fewer chances to make an impression. A consistent brand image will reinforce their identity, making each point of contact memorable.

graphic design southampton

4. Look Professional

Graphic Design Southampton

A logo design needs to make your business look professional, trustworthy and reliable. Quite remarkably, great graphic design can do this. Image is powerful.

However, a cheap looking design can also cast an unfavourable light on your company – not great for that all important first impression.

5. Communicate

Graphic Design Southampton

Sometimes messages cannot be expressed by words alone and this is where graphic design can take an informative role. Graphic design helps produce visual aids, helping you to communicate your ideas.

graphic design

6. Engagement

Graphic Design

Graphic design has the power to engage whether that’s via your website, info-graphics or print media. A message which is accompanied with an interesting and captivating visual image, will keep readers engaged for a longer period.

7. Tangible Marketing

Graphic Design

Long live print media. Despite the popularity of the web, print media is not dead. It is still an essential part of marketing with publications, brochures, posters and other printed materials being an effective way or promoting your business.

Print media is credible and it is tangible. Promotional materials can stay in offices or homes for months of being received, serving as a reminder of your business.

Promotional materials such as coasters, pens, bags and even clothing, will often be used long term and increase brand awareness.

Graphic design southampton

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