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Reinvent your company with professional branding services from ICAAL. Create stunning designs to make your company more eye-catching and appealing.

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Our 5 Step Branding Process






branding design brief


The first step is to discuss your brief. Our expert branding team can get a feel for what you’re looking for and note down your specific needs and requirements. This helps them collect the correct information in order to create concepts that will meet the brief.

branding concepts


Following the brief we will create and send over 6-8 concepts which will also include some possible taglines for your company if you don’t already have one. This gives you some variety and scope to take a look at different styles and designs to consider.

branding feedback


Once you’ve provided feedback and we’ve made the required iterations we then get you to sign off on the designs and choose your preferred logo. We can then create variations of the logo to use across different platforms and uses for e.g social media.

graphic design brochure

Brand Guidelines

We will then create your brand guidelines which will include information on how your logo should be used across all platforms to ensure consistency and to make sure your logo is used correctly in every circumstance. This will include colour codes, typography and more.

icaal branding logo

Sign Off

Once the brand guidelines have been sent to you, the branding process is complete and you can implement your new logo and branding guidelines across all of your marketing materials. This allows you to create a level of cohesion across your entire business.

Creative Designs

Step two of our brand design process is to pitch you with half a dozen different brand logos to get the ball rolling. We’ll take your ideas and colour preferences and will produce a variety of different possibilities, allowing you to find the design that best suits your business.

We also understand that you want your vision to be represented correctly. We welcome all feedback from our clients, allowing them to critique our designs as much as they please. We want you to leave with a bran design you’re proud of.

Full Branding Service

Our brand design services are comprehensive. In addition to creating new logos for your business, we can also provide your company with a range of advertising materials. These can include roller banners and leaflets, as well as brochures and product catalogues.

With this, you’ll be able to advertise your own business much better, spreading brand awareness and making your business more eye-catching and rememberable. We have years of brand management experience and know this can lead to increased traffic.

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See How Brilliant Branding Can Transform Your Business

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