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Great marketing starts with a great story. Let us tell yours through video. Our lens, your film.

See How Video Content Can Transform Your Business

Our 5 Step Video Production Process







The first step is to discuss your brief. What type of video you’d like, what themes or topics you’d like to cover and how you’d like to get your brand across. Our creative team can recommend and assist you in terms of ideas and examples we have done previously for inspiration.

Storyboard & Script Development

Our creative video production team will put together a storyboard and script for you to consider. Planning the video will determine location, style and theme as well as any other assets required. We’ll use everything we discussed in the brief to make sure it’s accurate to your requirements.

video production


We will set a date and time to come and film the video, that is suitable to you and your business. We conduct a professional service and can answer any questions you have during the process and keep you in the loop. We will use and provide the appropriate equipment needed.

video production


Once we have the footage our creative team will then begin the editing process. This will include adjusting sound and colour as well as sourcing music, mixing the sound and more. We will share the draft video with you for any revisions or feedback you have.


Once you have signed off on the video we can set it live. The best place to publish your video is on YouTube or Vimeo so that you can share it and add it to your website and social media platforms. We’ll provide you with the file type needed so that you can use it for different purposes.

Build Your Brand With Video Marketing

All great marketing starts with a great story and at ICAAL, we tell it through video. Our lens, your story. Fast-paced video for mobile is the future of content marketing – don’t be afraid to make the jump.

With engaging and creative videos, you can grab the attention of potential clients so that they can sit back and get an idea about your business without having to read through large text blocks. Videos are more memorable, easier to consume and can be watched on the go.

Build Customer Trust and Brand Recognition

Humanise your selling process with ICAAL. Capture and share moments with creative, engaging and effective video content designed to build trust and boost conversion.

A high quality video will make the world of difference when it comes to how you come across to your clients and it will help attract new ones too. Give them an insight into how you work as a company and the feel of your brand will become familiar and genuine.

Video is Great For SEO

Search engines heavily reward websites which feature videos. Why? Because users like video! Websites that have quality and engaging videos, will often out rank those that don’t. A user is likely to stay on a specific page that little bit longer if they are engaged with its content. This results with more time on site which again, Google rewards.

Video is favoured among the majority of people that browse the web so it makes sense to put your company out there in video format too, to spread your brand message.

Product Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so imagine the power of video! Most of us prefer watching over reading – especially online.

This is why product demo videos are so effective when it comes to showcasing your products. They are a great way of boosting that all important conversion. People can get a sense of your product before purchase which is an attractive draw for any potential buyer.

Testimonial Videos

Endorsements and client testimonials are great for building brand credibility. A testimonial video can be a very powerful online marketing tool, converting leads and building trust between you and the consumer.

People search for testimonials and feedback before committing to a company so it makes sense to give them an excellent testimonial to preview to help them make up their mind.

Introduce your Team

Introduce your company or organisation through video and help your customers connect with the human element of your business.

Create loyalty and show your audience that you’re more than a name or brand. This gives your company a level of familiarity and realness that most companies lack.

How To Videos

Branded how-to-videos are great for brand loyalty, engagement and high ROIs. This is a top-level marketing tool for building interest in your brand. It’s also excellent for SEO!

This type of video delivers true value to your audience, keeping them entertained and most of all, earning their trust. It helps teach, educate and inspire meaning that when they next need help, they’ll think of you.

Animation Videos

We can create videos in an animation style if you prefer that style or your brand is better suited to an illustration video. Our creative team can come up with unique ideas and artwork to create a professional and fun video.

Animation is a great way to get a certain message or story across and is an effective marketing strategy that many industries have used in successful campaigns.

Talk to an Expert

Ready to create compelling, inspiring and actionable videos? Talk to ICAAL. Our creative video production will take you online marketing strategy to the next level.

We can discuss your ideas, needs and requirements and come up with a concept that will best suit your brand. We’re a professional and highly creative agency and we believe that video is the future

See How Video Content Can Transform Your Business

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