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Social Media

With so many platforms being used, Social Media is quickly growing in the world of PR. Not only does using social platforms help to directly manage relationships, it is also used to find influencers, identify threats and to make announcements.

At ICAAL, we will work with you to devise a plan and consistently update your social media pages with accurate, trustworthy and up to date information that will keep existing customers engaged and loyal.


Blogging is an important tool when it comes to PR. It enables you to publish your own content and build upon the identity of your brand.

You can post about anything you want in a blog, but keeping it relevant and targeting your audience is key to a successful PR campaign.

Our PR team will write and publish content for your blog that is guaranteed to keep your customers informed and entertained.


PR Outreach is a great way to boost your exposure, build trust, and create natural back links for your business which also benefits SEO.

Our PR team are able to build relationships with existing and relevant media channels in order to promote your business and build your online presence.

Working closely with you, and keeping your brand identity in mind, we will create original and exciting content on your behalf.

This can be featured on external websites and other media channels which will assist in reaching more potential customers and build stronger relationships with the public.    

Reputation Management

Reputation is everything – it is key to your brand.

Our team will ensure that a proactive approach is taken when monitoring your reputation so we can carefully consider how to protect it.

Whether your reputation needs mending, or you just want to improve it, ICAAL’s PR team know how to make it happen.

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