Appearing prominently in the search engines is vital for any business online. We understand the power of Google organic search and know how to convert your prospects into clients.

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SEO. Many know what it means, but few truly understand the power it can yield for their business. As your local, leading SEO agency in Southampton, we transform Search Engine Optimisation from a buzzword to a tangible result, helping you to notably increase the presence of your brand online.

Our track record is impeccable; we have frequently outperformed national corporations to become key leaders for multiple popular search terms. Not only will we help you rank for key search terms, but we’ll also help you to show up across multiple search platforms.

We speak the language of the web which is why we convert thousands of site visitors into buying customers every week. Effective SEO can be a definitive factor when you’re looking to grow your business, which is why you should consult a professional.

Local SEO Experts Southampton

Here at ICAAL, we are experts at local SEO.

We target the main areas you want to win business in, and make sure you appear locally when searching online. This means that you will receive a bespoke SEO service, which comprises a multi-tiered approach to suit you.

Let us take control of your Google+ and Bing Places listings and get them to rank for business-related key terms. By showing an attention to detail, we’ll allow you to gain a foothold in the online landscape in a way that both helps you rank and reflects your brand.

Local SEO is very different from your typical SEO campaign, and local search results change more rapidly than any other. We are always up to date with what is happening, which means your listing won’t become obsolete.

SEO Copywriting Services

We have an experienced team of copywriting professionals who are masters at writing original, fresh content that search engines love. The requirements of effective copy have been known to change, which is why we always write in reflection to current and upcoming trends.

We devise a page-by-page strategy based on informed keyword research and write your website accordingly. Our Content Team will collaborate with you to ensure all copy is accurate, on-brand, on-message and effective at SEO.

On-Page SEO

Our copywriters and SEO experts are methodical in their approach to writing on-page content and getting sites to successfully rank online. There are many factors that contribute to SEO, which can be easily overlooked without the correct knowledge.

We can run a free SEO audit on your website to highlight where your site is failing and optimise it based on the recommendations. This means that every step we take will be done based on the research and evidence that highlights potential weak spots.

Unlike other SEO companies, we meticulously look through your site in order to identify all of the problems with it. We then devise an approach on how best to resolve the issues and strategise the work that needs to be done.

Key Term Research

Keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy. Why? If done right, it promises a high return. We understand that ranking for the right keywords can make or break a site, which is why we use it as the cornerstone of our content strategy.

At ICAAL, we know how to get lots of visitors to your site, but more importantly, we know how the get the right kind of visitors. We combine our expertise with a range of keyword tools, obtaining information from a range of platforms to create a consistent approach.

Link Building

Our SEO experts specialise in custom link building campaigns that earn high-quality links to your site. Securing good links from relevant websites is a vital part of competing and thriving online, and we always carry out this work in an ethical and authentic way.

The landscape of SEO is always changing, and the importance of building high-quality links has never been higher. Badly placed links can become detrimental to how your website performs, so don’t settle for an SEO company who underperforms.

Listing Management

Optimise your online reach with directory submission and listing management. It’s important that your business listings are correct, consistent and visible online so that new customers can discover your business.

By using the latest methods, we will meticulously scan your current listings and amend any discrepancies that lead to the an inconsistency. This not only helps you to rank better, but it also helps your customers to find you directly more easily.

Technical Audits

Our SEO team has the correct tools and knowledge to perform an up to date technical audit on your website. By working alongside our in-house Digital Team, we’ll be able to effectively carry out a thorough and comprehensive look at your website.

This means we are able to determine the faults and devise a plan as to how to rework them in order to improve your website, the user experience, and over all, your goal! We cover all the aspects that an SEO company should.

Snap Pack & Google Maps

Everyone wants to rank at the top of Google, but not everyone knows how to get there. Our SEO experts are able to optimise your local search, building your business the reputation it deserves and putting you above your competitor.

As an experienced SEO company, we understand the importance of local search and what it takes to ensure your listing is both effective for search engines and potential customers alike. We make local SEO easy.

UI/UX Improvements

Our SEO team can find out what is causing a certain behaviour of a user, and ultimately improve that experience. We have accrued a wealth of experience in customer behaviour, and combine it with our market-research to get the best result.

We can optimise each web page and its content to ensure that those who find you through organic search are receiving the information they require at the speed they want and are staying engaged.  This will all be backed up by tangible data.


Ranking a website long term isn’t all about quality links, it’s about quality content too. Utilising video and incorporating it into your website can give great results. It keeps visitors engaged and on your website for longer.

It’s a powerful form of content and can contribute greatly to your overall SEO strategy. As a relatively recent addition and sometimes overlooked addition to the SEO landscape, we’ll ensure it is utilised properly to get you rankings.

Web Development

From accessibility & content to URL structure & images, our group of experts have the ability to develop and consistently update your website to ensure that every inch is covered for the ultimate search engine optimisation.

This will also help the UI/UX factors of your website, which can contribute to website health and, in turn, your overall rankings. Investing in the right SEO company will ensure your website is covered from all angles.

Analytics & Reporting

Using Analytics, our SEO experts can determine a variety of information in detail, such as the behaviour of users, the medium of which users are finding your website, and the overall bounce rate your website is experiencing over a specific period of time.

With extensive knowledge of Google Analytics, we are able to collect data such as this and process it into reports in order to develop an effective strategy for you to move forward and improve the necessary areas.


Converting users into customers is the nature of a business and the end goal. Not only can we, at ICAAL, optimise your website, we can also help optimise your conversion rate with a modern approach that is tailored to your business.

Working closely with analytics, we can measure and assess which channels earn you money in order to develop and update marketing strategies to further improve your conversion rate. We will also provide monthly reporting to keep you up to date.

SEO Consultancy

Do you need SEO advice? We can offer you a one-off or ongoing consultancy service. We will devise a powerful SEO strategy capable of delivering traffic and sales to your website. You’ll receive a service that works for you.

Our ongoing SEO service will be accompanied by your very own dedicated SEO Account Manager. They will work with you to create a content plan and approach that not only works best for you but is based on exactly what you are after.

Your SEO Company of Choice

Our SEO company in Southampton specialises in helping companies win business online. Let us handle your analytics, your blog, your keyword optimisation. We fully support our customers with all of their requirements and are always available when needed.

It is our ‘full service’ offering that gives us a competitive advantage whilst ensuring our clients get the very best value for money as well as a return on investment. It’s never been easier to enhance your business. Need marketing? Think ICAAL.

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