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Our innovative WhatsApp Chat enables 24/7 customer interaction through verified phone numbers to help you win more leads.

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Automated Lead Generation - ICAAL Chat Bot

24/7 Lead Generation

Engage with customers and convert them into leads 24/7 on WhatsApp. Save time by reaching out to verified phone numbers for tangible enquiries to help you hit sales targets.

Advanced Lead Management - ICAAL Chat Bot

Remote Qualification & Conversion

Convert customers remotely using all the features of WhatsApp, such as voice notes, video messaging, photos and simple text replies. Survey anywhere, from anywhere!

Improved Customer Engagement - ICAAL Chat Bot

Instant Responses

Get notified right away when customers send you a message – and respond anytime, any place with all leads managed in our bespoke CRM.

Increase Sales & Convert Customers Easier & More Effectively

Verified Phone Numbers

Say goodbye to customers who don’t want to say ‘hello’ with guaranteed phone numbers through WhatsApp.

No more fake numbers – save time and effort with verified contact details authorised through the platform.

Get real, tangible enquiries through confirmed customer details to increase your sales team’s efficiency and win more leads.


Automated Responses

Get back to your customers 24/7 with automated responses, tailored to you, so you can funnel users down a particular journey when you’re AFK.

Share the workload between automation and manual replies. Step in touch when the flow needs you to and take control of the conversation.

Convert questions into appointments and provide customers with the information they need any time, either from your team or automated replies.

Seamless Lead Management

All WhatsApp conversations are stored in your bespoke lead management dashboard via API, so you’ll always have a record of your enquiries.

It’s easy to manage all chats from one place where they are stored securely and easy for you to access at any time, so you can reach out to customers when they need you.

Provide access to all members of your team who need to access these enquiries so you can allocate the right person for the job to win the sale.


Qualify Your Leads, Your Way

With video messaging, voice notes, photos and text, all the functionality of WhatsApp is at your customers’ disposal to liaise with your customers.

Qualify enquiries remotely, so you don’t always have to go on-site – win/win for your sales team’s precious time and customers who might prefer remote quotes.

Manage your enquiries in a way that works for you and convert potential customers into tangible leads with this innovative integration.

Expand Your Business

The WhatsApp Chat from ICAAL is the latest tool you need to add to your lead generation arsenal.

Equip your website with this innovative messaging platform and engage with customers 24/7 to convert customers and win more leads.

Talk to the experts today to discuss our WhatsApp Chat and other Marketing Toolkit assets to grow your business with us.


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