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Generate leads, answer enquiries and book appointments 24/7 through our virtual Chat Bot.

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Improved Customer Engagement - ICAAL Chat Bot

Improved Customer Engagement

Answer your customers' enquiries 24/7. Reach your audience directly and convert leads with a simple, personalised experience.

Automated Lead Generation - ICAAL Chat Bot

Automated Lead Generation

Users go through an automated series of questions that can be answered with pre-filled or free form responses.

Advanced Lead Management - ICAAL Chat Bot

Advanced Lead Management

Manage leads better with a custom lead dashboard. See lead history and stay on top of enquiries.

Acquire leads, Optimise Conversions and Increase Sales

Bespoke User Journey

Enhance customer experience and carry on conversations with potential leads in real time.

Our Chat Bot can identify a customer’s needs by asking and answering basic questions, allowing you to build and re-use different conversation scenarios.

This powerful interactive and tailored content provides a cutting edge user experience.


Seamless Integration

Bring the power of this tool right to your homepage.

Our Chat Bot can be integrated into your website for a personalised, rich-media experience. 

The chat bot will qualify all enquiries and store them for you to contact at your nearest convenience.

Lead Management

Manage your leads better, with a custom built dashboard.

Our Chat Bot leads are sent directly by API to a password protected lead dashboard with CRM functionality. 

Here you can view the complete chat conversation which is automatically imported after each enquiry.

Manage your leads, add notes and benefit from real time reporting.



Available 24/7

Answer your customers anytime of the day.

Our Chat Bot provides customers with helpful content while they wait for a human response.

It allows you to reach out personally and offer relevant content at the right time.

With every lead going straight to a custom dashboard, you can stay on top of each enquiry.


Cost Savings

Save time and money on customer care. If you’re spending a lot of time helping customers book appointments, then a little automation will go a long way.

Our Chat Bot allows you to free up your focus so you can concentrate on other important tasks.

It can also drive discovery, by directing users to certain products and services – suggesting the perfect solution to their problem.



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