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Our 5 Step Social Media Process






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We’ll discuss your specific social media requirements. This includes the platforms you’d like to be on (for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) the tone of voice or approach you’d like to take as well as the type of presence you’d like across your social media accounts.

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We’ll put together a monthly plan for your social media content. This will incorporate anything you want to focus on for the month ahead including offers, events, promotions. We’ll provide suggestions and ideas for each day of the month that are relevant and engaging for your followers as well as focusing on your core business goals.

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We collect feedback and make any required changes to ensure you are happy with what we intend to post. This includes moving any dates you would like to change, tweaking hashtags, updating wording, images and more. We use this opportunity to consult further regarding your objectives and explain how we feel your content strategy can be best deployed to achieve these goals.


We’ll schedule your content including imagery and graphics using specialist Social Media management systems. We always work a month ahead of time, this way if anything crops up there is always plenty of time to amend, change or update a post ahead of time.

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We’ll send you a detailed report at the end of each month to show how your social media platforms are performing including engagement rates, likes, follows, reach and much more. We analyse the conversions on your website using analytics and then set new goals for the following month.

Shine a Light on your Social Media

Do you know where your brand matters the most?

At ICAAL, we help you utilise the best social media platforms for your business for more likes, follows and engagement.

We do this by giving your organisation a unique and consistent brand voice that helps to differentiate your brand and affect perceptions.

Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more, our social media experts will help you develop a strong online presence.

Engaging Graphics & Video

Keep your social media current and engaging with fresh and regular content.

Along with our content plans, we provide high quality graphics and video to inform, educate or entertain.

Why is this important?

One of the reasons why social media accounts stop growing is the failure to maintain consistency.

Posting fresh content helps to build a strong organic presence and target your audience more effectively.

Enjoy the Reach that Social Media Offers

Getting involved with social media can be time-consuming, but will ultimately benefit you, especially if you’re just starting out.

Getting your brand out there is simple with great looking content and engaging posts. Keeping it fresh is essential and it’s a brilliant help when it comes to SEO too.

A number of social media platforms have the ability of reaching hundreds and thousands of people within a small amount of time. You can’t afford NOT to be on social media!

We Are Hootsuite Certified Professionals

ICAAL are Hootsuite certified professionals, meaning we have the knowledge of the essential elements of social media marketing.

We can use the features of Hootsuite to keep an eye on all of your social media accounts in one place, scheduling your content and keeping an eye on its progress.

We have passed the exam and certification that allows us to showcase our skills and expertise in: Social Media Strategy, Community Building, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.


Social Media Reporting

At the end of each month we create an in-depth report about your social media accounts and the performance of each one.

We take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and then openly discuss the strategy for the next month.

This means you can see how well your social media is performing and so that you can keep tabs on the amount of likes, followers and connections you have as well as brand awareness and exposure.

Social Media Advertising

When it comes to boosting posts or creating Facebook ads, we can help. We discuss what budget you’d like to allocate towards targeted ads each month and what topics you’d like to focus on.

Whether it is a featured project, service, company update or competition, we have strong experience creating boosted or paid ads on social media to enhance your reach with the aim of more engagement, likes and online conversions.

Simply get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Get in Touch to See How Social Media Can Transform Your Business

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