8 Spooky Halloween Campaigns That Blew Our Minds

Halloween. The Season For Creepy Creativity

Brands know that customers are willing to spend money on Halloween. So every year, the best brands pull all kinds of creepy tricks to create the most horrifying Halloween campaigns. But it’s not all spooky. Brands also give away a lot of treats around Halloween including discount codes and free gifts. #Winning.

The eerie atmosphere also gives marketers permission to step outside of the box and try things they normally wouldn’t do. As a result, we get some pretty entertaining ads.

ICAAL love a creative yet creepy ad, so we’ve listed our top 8 favourite Halloween campaigns for your entertainment.

Guinness: Halloween Shadows

Guinness’s 2015 Halloween campaign provided free ghostly coasters to customers who purchased the beloved bitter.

The spooky shapes were shared on social media thousands of times and social media followers increased dramatically.

Creepy. Interactive. Awesome.


Tesco: Introducing Spookermarket

Tesco was given a “spooky makeover” whilst hidden cameras captured the horrified reactions of customers, as they discovered the scary surprises. 1.3 million views says this campaign worked a treat.

The next time you pick up a lettuce head, you may want to check it…

Airbnb: A night In The Catacombs

A night in a huge grave with millions of souls, dead bodies and skulls. Sounds delightful, right?

Airbnb offered this to two erm… lucky winners. The rental site asked that any entrants provided a good reason why they were brave enough to stay the night.

No. Thank. You.


Ford: Halloween Campaign Car Wash Prank

Ford’s three minute video immediately went viral with 1,831,000 views to date. The frightening yet funny prank took place at a car wash, where unsuspecting customers were taken into the dark, screamed at and jumped out on.

Horror level = Max.

LG: So Real It’s Scary.

In the run up to LG’s release of their latest monitors, they released this creative yet startling campaign which demonstrated just how lifelike their technology really was.

Side note: You won’t want to enter a lift ever again.

Burger King: A Zombie Lock-In

Love burgers? You may want to avoid your local Burger King this year in fear of being locked in, with no lights and an abundance of Zombies.

This gruesome video went viral immediately and has 3,456, 606 views to date.

Topshop: Trick Or Tweet

The fashion brand allowed their customers to buy goods with tweets. Through the Topshop “Tweet Shop” customers provided Halloween themed tips and tweets in return for cosmetic products.

The best tweets were awarded a $150 gift card. Increased social media presence for Topshop and free gifts for their customers.

Not so scary after all.


Volvo: Life Paint. Be Safe, Be Scary.

Volvo’s LifePaint—an invisible, spray—was invented to take the fear out of night time cycling. And now, it’s being put to good use on Halloween, to keep kids visible through the night.

Innovative. Fun. Great for costumes!

Halloween Campaigns

Promote Your Halloween Campaign With ICAAL

So now you’ve seen our favourite Halloween campaigns, how are you going to promote your brand over the spooky season? With an opportunity to try something devilish to drive leads to your business, why not give ICAAL a call on 023 8033 2675?

We love creativity and have the knowledge and strategy to rise your leads from the dead!

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