How Are Fashion Brands Using Social Media?

social media and fashion

How are fashion brands using Social Media? ICAAL Academy Graduate, Chantelle Wilson explains…

We all seem to be so obsessed with Social Media. From caring about how many likes we get on a selfie, to lusting over bloggers and pointlessly scrolling through our newsfeed every morning.

Remember that time when you weren’t in a relationship unless it was Facebook official?

Some people will say that Social Media is the worst thing that has happened to us and others believe that it’s the best.

No one can deny however, it’s influence over purchase decisions.

social media and fashion marketing

The pervasiveness of Social Media in today’s environment has meant that many of us now rely heavily on our Smart Phones. We rely on Social Media platforms and apps to get the latest news, updates and information on our favourite brands.

From marketing to advertising and customer service, Social Media has had a huge impact on how industries interact and engage with consumers.

The fashion industry is a great example of an industry allocating a big chunk of marketing to Social Media.

As its consumers have become more Social Media (and technology) dependent, this industry’s use of Social Media marketing has become much more prominent.

The growth of social media has enabled fashion brands to have better engagement with their customers, making them more connected than they have ever been.

A successful Social Media Campaign can result in huge consumer engagement and a well strategised campaign can create the right buzz and hit headlines.


If you are a regular Instagrammer, then it’s hard to ignore the celebrity endorsements,ads and paid promotions of certain Fashion brands.

Kiki Georgiou from the Independent says:

With over 400 million monthly users, Instagram is the eighth largest social networking platform in the world. But in the fashion world, it’s probably number one. Last year the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded the app its media award, previously bestowed upon journalists and photographers. And arguably, Instagram has shifted more product more directly than any of those.

People love to know the latest trends and products. Consumers will like, share and freely promote a brand – just because they like it. Instagram is a treasure trove for user generated content.

fashion and social media marketing

The visual nature of Instagram means it is the perfect platform for brands to show off their products and sell a lifestyle.

Burberry for example, love to post images of celebrities in their attire. Their Instagram account is full of celebrity endorsements.

social media marketing

With monthly active Instagram users now at 700 million, this is certainly a platform that is going to deliver.


Instagram may be Fashion’s first platform of choice but Snapchat comes in at a close second.

social media and fashion

Many fashion brands including ASOS, Burberry and Topshop embrace Snapchat by posting images or videos of inside their fashion cupboards, promoting new products, giving styling tips or even catching up with celebrities.

This enables brands to create a buzz in an efficient manner due to followers only being able to preview this content for 24 hours before it disappears from their ‘Snapchat story’.

Furthermore, Snapchat filters are believed to be a BIG profit maker within the fashion industry at the moment due to brands jumping on the bandwagon of customising filters, which is increasing brand awareness and using novelty to engage with consumers.

social media marketing

Within the last few years Snapchat has increasingly been used by brands to explore events such as London Fashion Week through promoting a personal experience to followers by live streaming the catwalks and by snapping exclusive content from ‘behind the scenes’.   

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very powerful marketing tool and it could be the most powerful form of marketing at the moment, especially for millennials.

Endorsements by celebrities can be seen all over Instagram. This can bee seen in TV’s sweetheart, Holly Willoughby’s account. The post received 34,000 likes. For a fashion brand, her account is a goldmine.

social media and fashion

I mean who wouldn’t want to get advice, from a fabulously styled individual that is kitted head to toe in their favourite fashion brands?

Social Media is Changing Fashion

Not ones to be left behind in a world that is tremendously digital, Fashion brands have lovingly embraced Social Media. This new world also sees Fashion brands choosing models as much for their Social followers as for their talent. 

When was the last time you flipped through a fashion magazine? With many of our favourite beauty pages now moving from newsprint to newsfeed, it’s now about the scrolling.

Social Media has well and truly influenced Fashion Marketing in a big way.

This is an exciting time for Fashion Marketing. Will Instagram still continue to reign? Or will there be a Snapchat revival? Keep following, liking and watch this space.

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