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On Tuesday 24th September, a large earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale struck Kashmir. In its wake, it has left 7,000 homes damaged and 1,500 destroyed. As a result, thousands of people have found themselves without a place to live. So far, more than 500 casualties have been recorded and over 35 people are known to have lost their lives.

ICAAL may be a digital marketing agency in Southampton, over 5,000 miles away from the disaster, but we still want to help. We know how lucky we are to live in an area that isn’t afflicted by earthquakes. So, when Janine Fraser gave us an opportunity to help people who aren’t in the same situation, we were more than willing to help.

Janine, along with a group of three others, is taking part in a sponsored walk. Their goal is to raise money for those impacted by the Kashmir earthquake. On October 23rd, Janine and the team are tackling a 14-mile route, which is the equivalent of roughly 30,000 steps! It will take them an astonishing 5 hours to walk the 23 kilometres.

All of the money raised through the walk will go towards helping the victims of the earthquake through the PennyAppeal. The funds will be used to provide medical kits, food, water and other essentials that are all desperately needed. With hundreds of people injured and thousands left homeless, these supplies could have a genuinely life-changing impact.

When Janine approached us looking for sponsorship, there was no way we could say no to such a worthwhile cause. Speaking about her motivation for signing up for the walk, Janine said:

‘I’ve wanted to help the victims for a long time and I had been trying to think of how I could do that. So, when my friend told me about this sponsored walk, I knew that I wanted to go for it.’

Janine’s ambition and desire to help was something that we instantly admired and knew we wanted to support. In response to our sponsorship, Janine said:

‘I am very grateful to ICAAL. They love helping the community. Thank you!’

If you would like to help support Janine or find out more information about the Kashmir earthquake, please get in touch! Or visit the Kashmir Appeal page on the PennyAppeal website: https://pennyappeal.org/appeal/kashmir-emergency.

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