The Benefits of Using WordPress To Power Your Business

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No longer just a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved and developed into a flexible, open source content management system (CMS).

There are a wide range of CMS platforms out there on the web so why does WordPress come out on top?

We discuss the many WordPress benefits and how your business could ultimately benefit from such a simple and straight forward CMS system.

Why You Should Switch To WordPress

Why should you use WordPress to power your business? Well WordPress offers excellent design and usability, something that every website owner requires.

WordPress website design

It fuses captivating, beautiful design with cutting edge development. Simplicity is at the heart of every WordPress website, making them incredibly easy to use and navigate.

The Perfect Starting Point

This is why WordPress is the perfect starting point for any business looking to get online – especially smaller businesses. Its simple CMS system means you can customise your website whenever you want. It also makes it easy to migrate your starter website to a web hosting account when the times comes.



WordPress is a budget-friendly CMS making it ideal for local businesses. WordPress users benefit from a free theme collection, holding a wide range of captivating and modern web designs.

Pair this affordability with an easy CMS navigation and you have a ready-made design for any internet novice.

Safe & Secure

WordPress takes the security of its users and websites very seriously. It constantly develops, supports and updates its features. This automatic update feature is done by a global community of expert developers and technical teams.

Ecommerce Solutions

It offers numerous ecommerce solutions for your business aimed at converting parts of your site into a digital online shop. WordPress offers plugins such as Shopp so you can start selling online.

10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To WordPress

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. And it’s very clear why.

Here are 10 benefits to using WordPress to power your business online.

1. Simple To Use


Simplicity is at the heart of every design, making it incredibly easy to use and navigate.

Easy Setup

Not an HTML expert? Well WordPress doesn’t require you to be. Easy to setup, manage and update, anyone can use its simple CMS system.

Assuming you have an internet connection and web browser, (who doesn’t) then you’re set to go.

2. User-Friendly


Having a website or application that is user-friendly is incredibly important in maintaining user-attention.

Keeping Visitors Happy

All designs are created to give visitors instant satisfaction, making it easy for them to explore your website.

If you want to be successful online, then you want to keep those bounce rates low.


3. Web Responsive Designs


Mobile internet usage is BIG and is now responsible for a huge amount of traffic so you want your website to look fantastic on a broad range of platforms.

Exciting Free Plugins and Themes

WordPress offers many free web responsive themes as well as plugins for your choosing.

Making your website fit for mobile devices has never been easier thanks to a wide range of captivating designs.

4. Easy To Manage


The WordPress dashboard is designed to work on smartphones and tablets so no matter where you are in the world, you can easily access & manage your website.

Multiple Users

As an administrator of your site you can give access to multiple users as well as yourself.

You can even assign certain access levels and capabilities to each user. You have direct control over any content you publish.

How Can Mobile SEO Help Your Business?

5. Highly Customisable

Customisable Web Design

WordPress is easy to change, whether it’s the text, images or design itself, everything is achievable with or without the knowledge of complex web coding like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more.

6. Unlimited Scalability

Scalable web design

Your site is able to grow as your business grows. With access to an unlimited amount of pages or blog posts, you are able to enhance your website’s ‘market reach.’

7. Superb For SEO

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The construction of the WordPress code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML that search engines find very inviting for indexing. Key to SEO success.

Integrated Blog

You also benefit from an integrated blog which allows you to add fresh, SEO optimised content to your site which Google and other search engines will love.

WordPress even attracts Google experts such as Matt Cutts, whose personal blog is on WordPress. Matt Cutts endorsed WordPress during WordCamp 2009.

8. Extensive Range of Plugins

wordpress-pluginsWith more plugins and functionality than any other mainstream CMS, WordPress offers an exciting range of plugins designed to increase your websites functionality.

Quality Plugins

From event calendars to video galleries and social media sharing buttons, WordPress makes it simple to add quality plugins to your website.

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9. Simple Social Media Integration

Social media is a clever way to gain more business exposure online. From Facebook to Google+ and Twitter, it’s important to get sharing.

Social Media

WordPress provides simple social media plugins which in combination with a professional looking website, allows you to promote your business and gain new customers.

10. In Constant Development

It just keeps getting better. WordPress has a team of first-class developers which means it is in constant development.

An Open Source

WordPress is also an open source, meaning any developer can enhance the overall user experience. This is why it has earned the title of being one of the best CMS systems available.

WordPress really is an ideal platform for online businesses. Switch to a WordPress site today and see just how powerful it can be.


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WordPress Experts

Here at ICAAL, we love WordPress. In fact, we are experts in the creation of beautiful, bespoke WordPress websites. Check out our impressive portfolio of work Website Projects.

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