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Re-Imaging the Customer Experience

Emplas approached ICAAL with the desire to create a new website that would reinvent what it meant to work with a trade fabricator. Whether they’re a homeowner, installer, architect, or running a commercial build, ICAAL has created a seamless and simple process for all. The Emplas name will now be at the forefront of digital advancements in their industry, setting the example for how a fabricator should operate.

Home improvement specialists that become registered installers will receive generated leads directly from Emplas themselves, allowing them to generate more traffic than ever before. They will also gain access to a state-of-the-art media centre, complete with stunning new images and immersive product videos. All are available for download and use on the installer’s own website.

By completing this project, ICAAL have left Emplas with a website that will significantly improve the customer experience. Homeowners will be able to access registered installers in the area much quicker, while those companies will have better access to a wider range of marketing materials and support. The process has never been more straightforward for each stage of the chain, thanks to ICAAL.

A Stunning New Website

The first stage of the Emplas project was for ICAAL’s skilled Web Developers to design and build a bespoke new website. This would act as the cradle for everything Emplas did, working as a hub for homeowners and installers alike. While sticking to Emplas’ stunning blue colour-scheme, ICAAL crafted a website that engaged users while driving sales and pushing conversions.

By working with ICAAL, Emplas were able to have several of their unique web design features included on the website. This includes embedded and downloadable brochure PDFs, immersive media libraries and unique, interactive and customisable product CGIs. This is all accompanied by optimised and accurate copy written by ICAAL’s skilled copywriting team.

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Key Features

Bespoke Page Design Based Off Brand Guidelines

Engaging, SEO-Optimised Content

Thoroughly Researched & Accurate Technical Specifications

Immersive Videos & High Definition Images

Downloadable Media for Registered Installers

On-Page CTA’s to Drive Conversions

Approved Installer Network

Part of Emplas’ desire for a new website came from their vision of also creating a bespoke installer network for their clients. Having an official installer network is essential for the modern supplier, as it improves the customer experience while also giving Emplas a better, easier control over what installers are fitting their products up and down the country.

Each installer that becomes a registered member now gets a unique, free subsite. This is accessible when homeowners search for an installer in their local area on the Emplas site itself. It will promote that individual business and encourage the customer to convert. What’s more, if a customer requests a quote, they will be prompted to enter their postcode – Emplas will pass that lead onto a local installer.

Despite all this, Emplas are unique in that their new installer is free to register for. This means businesses are able to gain access to Emplas’ easy ordering system as well as the innovative new virtual assistant, EVA, with no upfront cost. As part of this project, Emplas have also commissioned professional photography for a range of their products, providing registered installers with high quality assets for their own websites.

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Video Hub & Media Centre

ICAAL were also commissioned by Emplas to design, build and populate a gorgeous new video hub and media centre. ICAAL’s Web Development and Graphic Design teams worked in tandem to produce a centre that was complete with stunning images, while also being easy to use and navigate.

Registered members of Emplas’ installer network to gain access to better quality marketing materials, with everything available for download and use throughout their own sites. In a digital age, stunning media can help drastically improve traffic and conversion, benefiting Emplas and the installers alike.

If you’re interested in having a new website built, want new promotional materials and brochures created or are interested in signing on for an SEO retainer, then get in contact with ICAAL today using the form below. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!









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