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100 Years in the Business

An incredibly busy festive period for ICAAL included the launch of a stunning website for Leekes. The project was the one the largest installer sites in ICAAL’s recent history, fitting for the stature of the client. Leekes have been operating since the 19th century, having been founded in 1897. Over the course of the past century and a bit, they have worked their way to being perhaps the biggest department store in the West Country.

Leekes sell all kinds of home and garden furnishings out of their seven showrooms, including sofas, kitchen equipment and more. They also have a home improvement side of the company which operates under the ‘Leekes Windows’ domain. Knowing ICAAL’s reputation within the double glazing industry, we were a natural selection to build the site for this part of the Leekes business.

As a company, Leekes work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of VEKA, Ultraframe and Solidor. Their seven aforementioned showrooms span right across West England and South Wales, resulting in a coverage area of over 150 miles. With this, it’s clear to see the size of Leekes as a business, and as to why we’re so keen to shout about our blossoming professional relationship with them.

Fully Responsive Website

The most significant part of the Leekes project was the building of an innovative, modern website that would serve as a hub for everything they do in home renovations. With the size of the client, ICAAL’s digital team had to ensure that the new site adhered to brand guidelines and also fitted the company’s ethos. Consistent contact and an excellent working relationship achieved this.

Leekes’ new website features many of the latest digital innovations available with our site builds. ICAAL’s digital team have embedded interactive CGIs onto applicable pages, with homeowners able to customise the colour of the window and door and get a visual representation of what that product would look in said shade. With a better idea as to what their window or door would look like, there is an increased chance of the user converting.

The new site is designed with wide-spanning hero imagery added to catch the user’s attention, coupled with calls to action that drive sales. Leekes have opted for the inclusion of ICAAL’s online quoting engine, which homeowners can use to get free double glazing prices on any device. These leads are then neatly organised and easily accessible for the Leekes team to manage on their own CMS.

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Key Features

Fully Optimised, Search Engine Friendly Content

On-Page CTA’s That Push Conversions

Easy to Use & Free Online Quoting Engine

Brand Appropriate Colour Scheme & Imagery

Easy to Navigate on Mobiles & Tablets

Interactive Product CGIs

Optimised Content

The newly launched Leekes website is substantial in size. With Leekes selling a wider range of home improvement products than your average installer, it was important that each individual window, door or extension product was correctly represented by its own product page. As a result, the Leekes website has over 35 different product pages and over 100 different webpages overall.

On each page, the user will find an extensive amount of informative and engaging content. ICAAL’s content team blend technical information with a broad appropriate tone of voice to ensure that the customer fully understands the product they’re investing in. From casement window to orangery, each page is easy to understand yet engrossing to read.

Better yet, a range of SEO techniques are implemented throughout the content to ensure a stellar search engine performance. Potential customers searching for relevant keywords in any of Leekes’ locations will soon be directed towards their site. Great search engine optimisation opens you up to a significantly wider client base than an average one would.

SEO & PPC Work

Now that the Leekes site is live, ICAAL’s SEO department can work on further enhancing the client’s search engine performances in a broader range of locations. A variety of on and off page techniques will be deployed to further improve brand awareness beyond what it already is. This will lead to a steady increase in leads and conversions over the coming 6, 12 and 18 months.

In addition to this, a dedicated account manager will also work on a range of different pay-per-click campaigns ran through Google Ads. When partnered with an ICAAL SEO retainer, a well structured PPC plan can drastically improve a client’s presence in areas or with demographics they were otherwise unable to reach effectively.

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