Which Social Network Is Right For Your Brand Identity?

Brand identity has become a MASSIVE part of online marketing and social media is at the forefront of its success. Think of your favourite company, shop or brand and I bet they’ve got a great following on one of the following:


Facebook Branding

Red Bull have 43 million ‘likes’ and counting. Guess how they did it – with subtle (not so subtle) hints to get more likes. Stick a can of the well-known, easily recognisable Red Bull with a bunch of colourful arrows heading from the open can to the ‘like’ button and BOOM people will just click the button. With a tag line of: ‘Like Our Page. Hint. Hint.’ You’ve got to give it to them, they asked for what they wanted and people delivered.


Twitter Branding

Let’s take a leaf out of Dell’s book here. With over 504 thousand followers they’re clearly doing something right. They use a combination of winning factors such as engagement, communication, promotions, images and retweets. They get their followers interested and they talk to them – they might deal in computers but they’re certainly not a robot. With multiple Twitter accounts they can target a variety of audiences by having one for promotion and another for sales.


Instagram Branding

Mercedes-Benz has been bossing it on Instagram lately. Using imagery and visuals to capture their audience they won a highly-visual marketing campaign with great success. Featuring their custom Mercedes mat as the base for their image they subtly showed off their superior product. Don’t forget to hashtag. Mercedes didn’t and they received a minimum of 540,ooo followers. If all else fails, post pictures of leather seats, hot girls and cute dogs.


Google+ Branding

Don’t overlook your Google+ because it’s actually a very useful social platform for increasing traffic and brand awareness. You just have to look at Airbnb to see how effective it is. With over 2 million followers and over 8 million views they’re definitely doing Google+ right. The trick with Google+ is to keep engagement to a maximum. By consistently publishing fresh content their tech-savvy travelling community are always interested and can’t wait for more – great for reading on a long flight.


YouTube Branding

YouTube optimises the power of video content and Coca-Cola uses it very well. When you think about it, YouTube is the perfect platform for a company with an unlimited amount of visual imagery and digital adverts. Coca-Cola uses YouTube to promote new campaigns such as the new iconic Coke bottle. With an interactive, clickable video they can even drive traffic and engagement to their Facebook page and MyCoke website – it’s about being connected and accessible.


Pinterest Branding

Pinterest is THE ONE if you know social sharing is perfect for your company and boosting your brand identity. Go and take a look at Lindt Chocolate, a fantastic example of a company mastering Pinterest. Their slogan reads ‘Mastering the art of chocolate since 1845’ with the majority of their boards following suit with titles such as ‘Mastering the Melt’, ‘Mastering Swiss Heritage’ and ‘Mastering #Lindt’. It’s clear it definitely works as well with over 10 thousand followers.


LinkedIn Branding

It’s no surprise that one of the most influential B2B brands on LinkedIn is Microsoft. With such a huge brand awareness already, you may ask why they even need to use platforms like LinkedIn.

But that’s the secret, keep your audience engaged, interested and embrace the social, digital and online marketing platforms available to you. No matter how large or small your company is.

The LinkedIn’s  Showcase Pages are fancy extensions of you company page and are designed for spotlighting your brand. Create your own business page to promote your messages and share them with your target audience.


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