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Our market leading, 3D pricing system increases sales and profit margins through accurate costing, stunning graphics and powerful presentations.

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We’re Authorised Distributors

ICAAL are delighted to be exclusive authorised distributors of the WindowCAD7 software. A revolutionary, market leading and technically advanced pricing system; it is the new innovative way to quote and design online. Step into the future with ICAAL and WindowCAD7 today.

Why Choose WindowCAD?

Present Virtually & Sell Remotely

WindowCAD is the ideal tool for online sales presentations, allowing for shared quote generation and online home visualisations to enhance the customer experience.

Branded Quotes

Tailor your quotes to your company for complete brand consistency and deliver them professionally, quickly and easily from the intuitive WindowCAD dashboard.

24/7 Cloud Access

As soon as a change is made, it is instantly saved to the Cloud automatically. The updated project will be ready to be accessed on any device, by anyone you choose, based on customisable user permissions.

Maximise Margins

Sales reps have the versatility to discount within your pre-determined parameters, increasing sales conversions whilst protecting your margins.

Sales Reps Accounts*

Each member of your team can have their own unique account where they can manage their own projects, providing them with the complete solution from survey to sale. 

Customer Sub-Accounts*

Equip your trade customers to sell more with their very own branded WindowCAD system, helping both you and them win business, based on your prices with their mark-ups.

Intelligent Categorisation

All enquiries from your online designer are displayed as a priority in your dashboard. This helps to streamline leads and manage them effectively.

User Friendly Interface

WindowCAD delivers its uniquely captivating experience without overwhelming the user with buttons and icons, keeping the entire process streamlined and simple to follow.

Secure Hosting and Back-Ups

Our fast and secure servers provide excellent hosting with regular back-ups to ensure a copy of your data is always safe for complete peace of mind.

Lifelike Visual Graphics

The WindowCAD system uses advanced 3D technology that produces an unbelievably accurate and realistic image of your glazed product, helping you win more business.

Ultra-Immersive Visualisation

Upload images of the outside of any property; personalising the experience by giving your customers the ability to visualise your products in their home.

Customise Your Quotation

Create bespoke documents and templates such as order forms and quotations, customise page set ups with a variety of options including, custom intro text, terms and conditions and much more.

Effortlessly Train Staff

The intuitive system and dashboard significantly enhances staff training, eliminating human error from the process of pricing and quoting, whilst improving their ability to sell technically complicated products with consummate ease.

Limitless Products, Designs & Configurations

Add, design and configure any type of window and door profile in any material. From add-ons and couplers, to floating mullions and transoms, you can create an unlimited number of profiles, down to the most intricate details, such as rebates and dimensions.

Stunning 3D Design

As the most technically advanced window and door designing interface in the industry, WindowCAD’s 3D technology makes configuring products a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive experience. 

Instant Virtualisation

Based on your specifications, the ingenious WindowCAD system will virtually create your bespoke product in a stunning 3D render, all in real-time.

Ready to get started?

What are you waiting for? Step into the future with ICAAL and WindowCAD7 today. Speak to one of our experts to have this innovative, 3D pricing system embedded onto your website.

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Efficiently Manage Projects

Quickly and easily retrieve, amend and edit quotes at any time for seamless project management, both pre and post technical survey. 

Powerful Presentations

High resolution product imagery, combined with the ability to switch with ease to the frame visualiser, make for an extremely powerful sales tool, when presenting to your customer.

Unlimited Pricing Options

Easily configure fully bespoke prices via the intuitive WindowCAD dashboard. Add custom prices for even the most intricate items of window and door furniture.

Cloud Access

Securely access your projects via the Cloud as soon as you sign in to your account on any device. Statuses can be applied to each project to allow for easy filtering and sorting. 

Seamless Website Integration

Embed WindowCAD within your website and provide instant online prices for trade customers, technically capable of designing their own windows and doors, saving you valuable time. 

Professional Price Presentation

Prices are itemised on-screen and printable for your customer. Edit prices to include multiple options such as supply only or supply and fit, VAT or no VAT and much more.

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