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Create More Value From Mobile

Today, we are constantly connected. This is why, when it comes to digital marketing, we need to take a focused data driven approach in order to get the most out of mobile marketing.

AdWords and mobile PPC are your chance to appear in front of a lot of people on the go.

Don’t shy away from mobile PPC. It can be complex and it takes time to ensure campaigns are managed properly but the endgame is worth it.

Anyway, Google has made many changes to AdWords making it a far simpler platform for businesses of all sizes to use.

There’s no excuse why your website shouldn’t be fit for mobile!

Measure. Improve. Invest

Have you evaluated how mobile users engage with your website? A mobile user will click, browse and buy differently compared to a desktop user.

You will need to adjust how you measure your data in order to capture their behaviour and build an experience that facilitates for these conversions.

Mobile and desktop will give you different value in each campaign.  For the most successful campaigns – you need to adjust your management bid.

You can increase or decrease the role mobile plays for each campaign to capitalise on success.

You might want to use conversion data to assess which channel adds the most value.

How Does Mobile PPC Drive Value?

Only tracking conversions that start and end on mobile? Then you need to look at the bigger picture.

There are many other actions that mobile users take.

Consider app downloads, calls, store visits and cross device conversions. Mobile has introduced new and valuable actions.

You will need to start measuring these actions in order to make better budget decisions.

Today’s path to purchase is a zig zag of paths. There’s no straight line from search to conversion.

This why adapting your measurement for mobile is so important.

You need to use the data generated by these conversions to adjust how you bid for mobile.

Mobile User Experience

Creating a better mobile site can have a big impact on its success.

Make it easy for customers to find the information they need. Utilise ad extensions, make it easy for them to call or make contact, and most of all, improve mobile usability.

Your mobile users want to find the information the need, quickly and easily.

Whether this is a store locator, a phone number or purchase, you will want to improve their experience in order to improve conversion.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Did you know that there are officially more mobile devices than people in the world?

Scary thought.

Scarier thought – you could potentially be losing out on a lot of mobile traffic.

Having a mobile-friendly website is of course, a critical part of your online success. Smartphone traffic now exceeds that of desktop traffic.

Take Google’s mobile friendly test.

Get More From Your Mobile PPC With These 5 Tactics:

  • Optimise landing pages for mobile
  • Utilise ad extensions
  • Make sure every call to action is clear and concise
  • Adjust your bids
  • Traffic varies throughout the day – schedule campaigns

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