10 Benefits of Hiring A Professional Web Designer

benefits of hiring a web designer

There are many benefits to hiring a professional web designer or web design company. Designing or re-designing a website requires a great deal of time and work. There is a lot of planning and research that goes into the making of a website which is all essential for successful growth and great results online.

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1. An Online Strategy

Develop a powerful web design for your business and secure a great position in the search engines for more business opportunities!

One of the major strengths of a web designer or developer is their ability to lay out a strategic online plan. Collectively, a web agency will focus on your core business model as well as any future business goals. A top web agency will lay a strong foundation for your website to ensure its success long term.

In order to deliver an effective website, a top web design agency will have a talented team of web designers, coders, copywriters and SEO specialists – all with knowledge of today’s digital market.

Digital creatives know how to create a fantastic looking website for a great ‘click through’ rate as well as how to ensure a smooth business process through a website.

2. High Quality Web Design

With most transactions now happening directly online, your website needs to be of very high quality. As the doorstep to your business online, your website must create a good first impression.

Ever tried to create your own web design? Even with a free web design template it can be hard to develop a top notch website. An online site will require certain plugins, codes, headers and images.  All this comes as second nature to a professional web designer.

A web agency will give you a results driven website that’s attractive and dynamic, providing a fantastic user experience. With the advent of new technology as well as constant developments in web design, today’s websites are nothing like those from even 3 years ago.

A huge amount of people now go ‘online’ to make purchases or look for companies in their area, a website is now considered an essential marketing tool for a business.

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3. Web Design and SEO Services

A website must be optimised so it can be visible in the search engines. A great looking website will have no power online if users can’t find you.

It’s true that a small amount of traffic to your website will come from users typing your site address directly into their web bar but what about new users and customers? How will they find you online?

Website SEO

Whenever you search for content online, take Google as an example, some websites appear on the first page whilst others appear on later pages in the results. Not many users will actually click through to the later pages, meaning those websites will lose a great amount of business.

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a solution to this problem. An SEO optimised website will increase your chances of appearing in the top ranking pages and a professional web agency and web designer will be very skilled at promoting specific pages.

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4. Responsive Web Design

With a high percentage of users using ipads and Smartphones to access the Internet, it is important that your web design is built to be compatible with the latest mobile technologies.

If your website is not designed with mobile technologies in mind then this could cost you big. Mobile search traffic is growing every month and if your website is not mobile user friendly, audiences are likely to ‘bounce off’ of your website.


The good news is, there is no need to create a separate version of your website. Your web design just needs to be responsive, meaning it is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. A top web designer will build your website using this technology as standard, saving you lots of money long term.

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5. Reliable Web Design

If your website isn’t developed by a professional then it is more at risk.

The danger of designing a website yourself is that there are many factors that can go wrong and when they do, do you know how to fix them?

Fixing problems with your website can be costly and time consuming. You can end up paying hundreds for an emergency service call when a professional web designer could have ensured your website was safe from certain errors and crashing.

Web Agency

It can be very stressful if the management of your site is left in your hands. The best thing about using a professional web agency is that they are only a phone call or email away if something should happen to your website.

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6. You Have A Competitive Advantage

When you employ the services of a professional web designer or company you will be have the competitive advantage of a quality working website.

A web designer will help you stay ahead of the game with the latest web technologies and trends. They will help you stay ahead of your competitors with their highly skilled web teams whose sole purpose is to make your website a success online.
Double Glazing Quote

A web agency can deliver additional features to your website at a click of a button, something which if done independently could take days of learning. They can help increase revenue without any effort on your part.

Our web developers created an ingenious quoting engine designed for the window industry. Find out more about our clever quoting engine.

7. You Can Save Time

A web designer will give you a website with incredible functionality which will save you time and help increase your revenue.

Whether it’s an appointment booking form, contact form or quoting system online, a web designer and developer will provide you with a conveniently built website which can save you from having to book appointments by phone.

web designer

Your follow up emails can even be sent automatically with a specific message if you so wish, a professional web agency will offer you this and more when you hire them for the complete web package.

8. A Faster Website

How fast is your website? A slow loading website is likely to lose visitors as well as authority in Search Domains, costing you lots of potential business.

Many websites are not built to perform optimally. A professional web designer or web design company will build a website with various plugins and integrated features to provide enhanced speed and security. How your website is coded will have a big impact on its overall performance.

Usability Website Design Infographic

The advantage of hiring a web design agency is that they take all this into consideration. At ICAAL, we even offer super fast hosting as part of our web packages.

9. A Better Website Design

It’s easy to tell a professional web design from an amateur template. If you want your business to scream quality, then it all starts with your website.

Design matters. You only have to look at the big companies such as Apple to know that a bespoke web design is better than any pre-existing template. A web designer will create an exciting and engaging website built with your company brand in mind.

Here’s an example of a bespoke website ICAAL designed for the leading window supplier, Liniar:


10. Look Trustworthy

A good web designer or agency will be able to make your website look trustworthy through the use of certain images and text.

Letting website visitors know that your business is trustworthy and that there is a human on the other side is essential if you want to build a good customer base. A good, balanced design will provide your users with relevant information whilst conveying professionalism.

Here is another example of an ICAAL web design, we added a personal touch to an Employment Solicitors firm with a Meet The Team page:

Employment Law Website Design

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