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Have a face for radio? Just kidding, you’re gorgeous.

On a serious note, I’m betting that when you think of ‘online marketing’, a podcast isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind.

Audio storytelling however, is proving to be much stronger than the written word. It’s easy to listen to, simple to access (available across many devices) and can be listened to on the go – no screens required.

“Audio is the new video. From a commercial perspective, 50% of brands will be buying space in podcasts or they will be starting their own, so as an influencer or marketeer, I think the key is putting yourself on the emerging platforms.” – Steve Bartett, Social Chain.

While podcasting is not exactly a new industry, the introduction of new and intelligent devices has transformed how we access content. We can listen when jogging, travelling by car or whilst we work.

power of podcasts

Radio will only help you reach a certain radius of listeners and at a given time. A podcast, however, is sustainable and can accompany us anywhere.

They require a different level of attention than reading blog texts (which are often scanned) or watching YouTube videos.


As a result, consumers are increasingly turning to audio. Podcasts are the current go-to for all sorts of content.

The delightful world of the super-niche podcast has everything from informative chats on pens (really, if a fountain pen sends you all a shudder then give The Pen Addict a listen) to shows dedicated to late 19th century recordings.


In general, podcasts that do the best tend to be a bit niche. Why? They have something that nobody else is doing. If you have a unique concept, run with it.

You can’t, of course, just put a podcast out there and expect it do well. It will need promotion and a full PR strategy to help grab people’s attention.

How Can I Use a Podcast To Promote My Brand?

You will find that there are many people in your audience who are interested in your content but don’t have the time or temperament to sit and read a lengthy blog post.


The same goes for viewing video and keeping up with your brand through social.

A podcast is an easy way for your audience to consume brand content and if you make your shows engaging enough, you’ll soon have plenty of subscribers.

Podcasts: How To Get Started

First and foremost, your podcast should align with your marketing or business objectives.

podcast strategy

Do you want to increase brand awareness and engagement or do you want to see more site traffic?

Once you have identified your objective, you can then plan your podcast format, frequency, duration, host, POV, guests, research, syndication and marketing efforts.

Associated Costs

Podcasting is more cost-effective than video. The hardware and software are much more affordable.


Of course, it is possible to create a podcast on your smartphone for free, but investing in more advanced hardware and software will give you greater sound quality.

You will need a microphone, a mic stand, headphones, mixer and editing software such as Adobe Audition.

Podcast Hosting

In order for people to find your podcast, you need to find a host.


Hosting fees will vary and most hosting sites will charge based on monthly usage; however, some are based on lifetime data allowances.

A podcast hosting site will allow you to upload podcasts directly and from there, podcast directories can then pick up and syndicate your podcast for free.

Podcast directories such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music are just some of the popular podcatchers.

Discuss Hot Topics

A podcast is a great way to discuss the most recent news with your audience.


This is great if there is a significant news story related to your niche. However, you’ve got to get your topic right.

“The 3 key ingredients are a compelling story, a clear message and a convincing call to action. Once you know your audience, it’s super important to nail down your content before seeking exposure on top-rated shows,” – Daniel Gefen, Podcast Booking Agency.

Cement Your Authority

Position yourself as an expert. Providing quality content and giving valuable insight will help listeners see you as an authority within your niche.


Also, a great podcast will give you high-quality content for your marketing that you can use over and over.

Be Authentic

Listening to someone else’s voice is a very human experience. It’s personable.


Hearing the tone of someone’s voice creates trust. It instantly makes that person (or brand) seem more real and honest.

So, remember, when you get behind that mic and directly address your listeners, be yourself.

Consumers are becoming increasingly socially aware, so your podcast must showcase your own ethos or set of morals – particularly those that align with your target audience.

Set Up Interviews

Interviewing a guest on your show is a clever way of teaming up on marketing resources.

podcast interview

Your podcast will get promoted on their website and social channels, helping expand its reach.

You will also get fresh content for your show, helping to keep regular episodes entertaining.

Recycle Podcasts

Repurpose your podcast into a blog post. It won’t even require typing from scratch! Simply offer a transcription of the podcast on your blog.


In addition to this, you can even centre a podcast around your most recent blog post. You could even read the blog post word for word.

Don’t Come Across Too Sales-Driven

As with most social media content, there is a danger of a branded podcast becoming purely sales-driven or one big advert.

Therefore, it is important to establish the correct tone and style of each show.


If you are looking to sell a certain number of products or generate X amount of revenue, then it needs to be strategically thought out.

If your podcast becomes popular then monetising it with the help of a sponsor or ads is always an option. These will help you see more revenue.

However, you’ll find that the most successful brand podcasts are the ones that generate the most positive feedback.


The ones that generate brand awareness rather than sales. It helps to see your podcast as more of an extension of your company lifestyle.

Finding more subtle and authentic ways of driving sales will work more in your favour.

For example, if you have a fashion podcast, you could link to the outfits featured in each episode.

When an audience truly engages, the connection created between brand and consumer can be hugely impactful.

Final Thoughts

As a medium, the podcast is an efficient and cost-effective way to create positive connections with consumers. Audio is a fast-growing category providing increasing exposure for those who take advantage of its reach.

Today, both Entrepreneurs and Brands are utilising this medium, not only to increase their reach but to position themselves as authorities within their niche.

So what are you waiting for?

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