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Looking for Digital Marketing work experience in Southampton?

Let me recommend the ICAAL Academy!

Work experience opportunities for Digital Marketing graduates are seldom. There are many courses and online certificates you can obtain, paid or not paid, but without the necessary hands-on approach these become more and more irrelevant.

The open door ICAAL provides to those in Southampton and surrounding areas, is very rare. This is why, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

Introducing ICAAL

ICAAL is a respectable Digital Marketing agency based in Southampton, providing a wide range of in house services such as SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media, Lead Generation and PPC.

ICAAL has an exciting range of clients ranging from award winning restaurants, to home improvement, wedding and beverage companies.

The ICAAL Academy gives a great insight into how it all works.

ICAAL Academy: The Process

The ICAAL Academy provides graduates and those who have passion for all things digital, the chance to get true insight into a fast paced Digital Marketing agency.

You will be greeted with a team of experts and a designated mentor who will guarantee you have the best experience possible.

The experience comprises of 5 days of work experience which can be incremented to 10 days for those who want a longer placement.

I chose the 10 day experience because it would gave me the chance to explore different departments.

The Work Experience

When arriving at the company on your first day, you will be kindly be given an induction pack.

The pack outlines the information and general knowledge you will need, in regards to the department you’re working in.

Once this is completed you will then get handed your first assignment. Your tasks are always reviewed by your mentor who gives you relevant and helpful feedback on your work.

Your day-to-day routine will start at 9.30am and finish at 5.00pm.

You will find a laid-back work environment with the dress code being smart casual Monday to Thursday and casual wear on Friday for a ‘dress down’ day.

You will also benefit from free tea or coffee to warm up the day and keep you going!

The Outcome

Being assigned relevant tasks in my desired field, with the support of my mentors, has helped me take my digital marketing skills to the next level. It has given me the confidence I need to go forward.

The ICAAL team were very friendly and always happy to help.

I thoroughly recommend the ICAAL Academy experience to anyone looking to get their ‘foot in the door’.

Find out more about the ICAAL Academy here.

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