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A Stunning Website, Logo Design and Promotional Material for a Unique Project.

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A New & Innovative Project

The people behind Boat Central approached ICAAL with a vision, knowing they could make it a reality. They came with the ground-breaking idea that a hub could be created for all things boating – a go-to location for businesses, advertisers and boat owners. An industry first, everyone working within the boating sector would have somewhere to advertise and browse.

For this, ICAAL worked closely with the client, blending their unrivalled industry knowhow with ICAAL’s creative wizardry. This started from the ground up, with ICAAL responsible for full branding of the project, which later led to the production of brand guidelines, logo design, hosting and email management. Most importantly though, ICAAL crafted a bespoke new website.

Website Build

The Boat Central website was a project unlike any other. ICAAL’s skilled team of web developers were responsible for designing and programming an innovative online hub for all things nautical. It would act as a place for businesses to advertise their services to boat owners right across the country, whether they’re offering marina space or something as straightforward as a cleaning service.

With this in mind, Boat Central needed to be an eye-catching yet user-friendly environment. To ensure this, ICAAL made it so that users did not need to sign up or pay any monthly fees to browse the advertisements, allowing them to find exactly what they needed quicker and without fuss. This hopefully ensure more people visit and use the site regularly.

To ensure that businesses and services exclusively local to the customer were being made available, ICAAL’s Web Development team included a custom business finder tool using geolocation APIs from Google. What’s more, APIs were sourced in order for Boat Central to have a bespoke Weather & Conditions Planner to aid boat users’ journeys.

Alongside this, ICAAL designed a Route Assist tool to further allow boat users around the country to better plan their journeys. This included programming data on the location of marinas, fuelling points and leisure attractions that were at certain locations. With this, Boat Central will become the focal point of the yachting industry, bringing it into the 21st century and providing a hub for everyone.

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Key Features

Bespoke Design and Branding

Free-To-Browse Advertisements

Designed to Work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

User-Friendly Style To Improve Customer Journey

Innovative Journey and Weather Planner Based Off Google APIs

Optimised Content for Enhanced Search Engine Performance

Logo Development

As part of this project, ICAAL worked closely with Boat Central to produce a stunning new logo for use throughout their new site. ICAAL with the client to produce strict new brand guidelines for use across the logo and website. This included typography and font as well as certain colours, meaning the entire logo design could be unified with the rest of the website.

Using these brand guidelines, ICAAL were able to create the perfect logo for Boat Central, using crisp shades of blue, which perfectly encapsulate the client’s ethos. Throughout the duration of the logo development, ICAAL’s team of skilled Graphic Designers worked closely with the client, ensuring they had maximum input regarding the final design and were completely happy with the outcome.

Promotional Videos

To accompany the stunning new brochures, this project with Boat Central also saw ICAAL create sublime promotional videos for use across their new website among other media platforms. These were crafted by ICAAL’s Graphic Design team, who used the latest editing software to create eye-catching and engaging promotional material.

These videos will serve a multiple of purposes for Boat Central. Not only will they drive leads and increase the number of customers who are registering, but they will also increase the amount of time that these users are spending on the webpage. Having a webpage that clients spend more time on is one of many ways you can enhance SEO, meaning Boat Central’s Google standing will also improve.


Another stage of the project completed for this client was the production of two new, high quality brochures. The two of these were created to aid the registration process that Boat Central offered, with the first brochure being one that sold the company to potential clientele. The second brochure was given to those who had registered on the site, with it containing a media pack of their assets.

ICAAL’s Graphic Designers worked tirelessly to design the two brochures, ensuring they were both effective in their purpose and engaging aesthetically. By achieving this, ICAAL were able to create brochures that will drive sales and increase the amount of registered members on Boat Central’s new site, leading to a ROI in the long run.

Social Media & Hosting

ICAAL are also commissioned to produce stunning social media graphics as part of the ongoing work being done for Boat Central. ICAAL produce around a dozen high definition, graphics per month that are posted on both Facebook and Instagram, with the aim of engaging potential customers.

A good social media presence is imperative for the modern business, as you can reach out to a new, online client base while also offering a better reflection of your company, showing that you’re up to date with the latest trends rather than being stuck in the past.

Finally, as part of the project, ICAAL will host Boat Central’s website on their top-of-the-range server. With the client aiming to have a large and sustained amount of traffic on their site, it’s important that it continues to run morning, noon and night. ICAAL’s servers are as modern as they reliable, ensuring your site is always live, functioning and responding well to traffic.

If you’re interested in having a new website built, want new promotional materials and brochures created or are interested in signing on for an SEO retainer, then get in contact with ICAAL today using the form below. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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