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Add stunning videos to your digital output in 2022 with ICAAL.

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The Brief

As a long standing and highly successful client of ours, Internorm have always been proactive and forward thinking with their digital marketing. Last year they approached ICAAL with a desire to have case study testimonial videos produced.

Internorm have always been passionate about sharing the stunning work completed by their trade partners and commercial sub-divisions. Videos are a fantastic and modern way of achieving this. In a digital age, more and more online users digest video content than ever before. It is a fantastic way of engaging customers and effectively selling your business in 2022.

As a full service digital marketing agency, ICAAL possessed the skills to produce the videos Internorm envisioned. We have the capacity to produce the film, liaise with any other parties and complete comprehensive post production, all in-house. With ICAAL, there’s only ever one point of contact – us.


Watch the Internorm Commercial Cubis Bruton Case Study

The Concept

ICAAL’s videographers shot the case study properties at length, ensuring ample footage for the three minute videos.  A blend of close ups and mid range shots were cut together to keep the viewer engaged, while certain case studies also featured drone footage for further variation.

Interviews with trade partners were integrated to effectively explain the project. Adding these specifics helps make the case studies informative without being reliant on visual graphics that would obstruct the sublime videography.

Embedding these interviews into the videos also means they can be used self sufficiently on social media. They are perhaps most effective on the Internorm website though, where they can keep the user on the page for longer, a key factor in an optimised search engine performance.


Watch the Internorm Cheltenham Case Study

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