A Stunning Project for Dorset’s Biggest Double Glazing Installer

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Building an Online Presence

Newglaze are a name that will already be familiar to many locals in the Bournemouth and Dorset areas. They are one of, if not the region’s most reputable home improvement specialist. They are well known for their quality products while also having one of the biggest showrooms in the industry. Why did Newglaze come to ICAAL then?

They commissioned ICAAL’s services to build an online presence, increase brand awareness and to grow their business even further. Previously Newglaze relied heavily on local reputation and word of mouth. In 2019, a business also needs to rank well on Google and have a stunning website in order to convert leads. Newglaze knew that ICAAL were the ones who could help them achieve that.

ICAAL began by building a bespoke new website for the client, working closely with points of contact to ensure that the designs fully encapsulated what Newglaze were looking for. Upon completion, they will now reap the rewards of ICAAL’s SEO, PPC and lead generation services in order to work towards the long term goal of achieving an unrivalled online presence for this region.

A Stunning New Website

The first step to achieving Newglaze’s long term goal was to build them a stunning new website that could act as a nucleus for all their further growth. ICAAL’s skilled Copywriters produced SEO-optimised content, ensuring that all of Newglaze’s product pages would rank well on search engines. What’s more, the copy was filled with CTA’s to drive sales, while being engaging for the customer all the same.

Meanwhile, Web Developers were responsible for creating a site that perfectly blended style and practicality. It needed to be as eye-catching as it was easy to navigate, ensuring homeowners were accurately directed to the quoting engine that was embedded as part of the project. ICAAL were in constant contact with the client to ensure they were making a site everyone was happy with.

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Key Features

High Quality, Eye-Catching Bespoke Imagery

Content Optimised for Search Engine Performance

Engaging CTA’s to Push Conversions

Easy to Navigate Site for Enhanced User Experience

Embedded Quoting Engine for Instant Online Prices

Integrated Colour System to Blend With Company Logo

Case Studies & Photography

In their bid to stand out from the crowd, Newglaze commissioned ICAAL to take high quality, professional photographs of some of their most recent installations. ICAAL were happy to oblige, using the latest camera equipment to ensure each image was crisp and high definition. These images have been integrated onto the site and can also be used throughout any further marketing materials.

The benefit of visiting past installations for your photography is the idea of making yourself unique. Every site that uses certain suppliers will have their default marketing images. This means, while they’re also stunning and high quality, you blend in with the masses. Newglaze’s site will now stand out from the rest thanks to the addition of high quality, bespoke images for their business.


Even though the site has been completed, Newglaze’s relationship with ICAAL has not met its end. Instead, the two will be working side-by-side to improve the former’s online presence through intricate SEO and PPC campaigns. This ensures that, over time, Newglaze receive a steadily increasing amount of leads that will eventually result in a ROI for the client.

By choosing ICAAL’s SEO services, Newglaze will see their business rank significantly higher on major search engines like Google and Bing over the coming months. The business that is ranking higher on search engines will draw more traffic, which leads to conversions. This will work in harmony with ICAAL’s PPC services, whereby we set-up and maintain paid Google ad listing for our clients.

If you’re interested in having a new website built, want new promotional materials and brochures created or are interested in signing on for an SEO retainer, then get in contact with ICAAL today using the form below. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!








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