Q-secure Advert Campaign

An advertising campaign promoting VBH's multi-brand security guarantee for both consumer and trade.

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The Brief

To create an advertising campaign promoting a new and exclusive multi-brand security guarantee for both consumer and trade sectors.

Having already capitalised on our wealth of experience within digital media, VBH approached us for guidance on promoting their latest security guarantee. Our Graphic Design team have a huge amount of experience within print production, designing appropriate specifications for all types of print and design projects.

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The Concept

Trade Press

We played on the words 'cutting edge' by using images of medieval knights brandishing their swords. The design aims to depict a 'cutting edge' security guarantee that provides the consumer with peace of mind knowing that they are fully protected.

Consumer Press

We developed the slogan, ‘Your castle, your family, your home, protect it all with Q-Secure’. For the consumer press we were inspired by the proverb, ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle.’ We incorporated this fairy tale theme into the design, showing a queen and her princess inside their 'castle.'

q secure


“We have been working with ICAAL since March and have been very pleased with the work that they’ve done for us. It has been a varied bag including, but not exclusive to, web design, lit and advert design (print and digital), exhibition design, SEO and more.

They employ experts in each field. In our case we have a main point of contact who ensures that our projects are dealt with by the correct person so most communication is channelled through her. Overall – VERY happy and would recommend.”

Gary Gleeson, VBH

That’s Not All…

As part of the advertising campaign, we also designed social media graphics to promote the security guarantee across VBH’s social platforms. When carrying out an advertising campaign, in order for the advertisement to yield the best results, it’s crucial it is promoted through multiple different mediums.

If you are considering launching an advertising campaign, get in contact with one of our experts who can help you achieve your desired results.


Social Media Graphics

Designs For Digital

q secure

q secure

q secure

Video Content

Consumer and trade videos were made promoting the Q-secure guarantee. It was important to communicate the brand positioning coherently through both print and digital mediums.


Consumer and Trade Folders and Flyers

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